Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 14th February 2022

Happy Valentine’s Day Everybody!

The Superb Owl was sure a game of American Football wasn’t it? I won’t spoil the result here in case some of you have it recorded for later due to being busy yesterday. I enjoyed it and actually managed to stay up for the entirety, which I don’t usually manage.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott has another Observer Flashback. Rock Star Gazza has some more AWA for us. J has some more Joshi Spotlight. Logan has some more WWF from 1990

News from Cultaholic

Lita will be on Raw

And I should hope so! This pay per view (sorry, premium event) isn’t going to sell itself

Matt Cardona is your new NWA Champ

Hey good for him in all honesty. He’s done a very good job of re-inventing himself for the indie scene and I’m happy for him

 Today’s match is New Day Vs TJ Wilson and Claudio Castagnoli

Have a gooden everyone!