The one thing AEW & WWE do that i absolutely hate

Good morning sir!  Hope you family is safe from the convoy!  I tune into AEW right at 8pm.  Its been many, many years since i tuned in right from the start on a raw and smackdown, and one of the reasons why is what AEW did last night.  I f'n!!!!!!!! HATE a in-ring promo to open the show.  I love MJF, love the arrogance, but please put those anywhere BUT the beginning and ending of a show.  Now they're are few, rare examples (Punks return and…… i'll have to really think about it).  I'm here for the wrestling first and foremost.

One more to pile on that, whoever is organizing the format for tv & ppv for AEW really needs to step back and look at the overall format before air-time.  On dynamites there has been alot of promos/interviews back to back.  On ppvs there have been more than one of the same style match, some times also back to back!   (examples, first 2 matches at All Out & 2 multi-man street fights at Full gear)

Stay safe, keep up the great work!

I agree with your hot take sir.  They need to start putting the Bucks in the openers again on a regular basis.