Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 11th February 2022

Happy Friday Everyone!

I enjoyed Dynamite, although I agreed with Scott that they probably need to take a break from doing Street Fight style matches for a bit. Go cold turkey for a couple of months and then unleash one on us so that it feels special again. Right now these crazy bloody brawls are in danger of becoming blasé.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Andy has the indies thread for us. Scott has got some Mid-Atlantic. J.W. has another flashback magazine article. Logan has now arrived at November in his journey through the archives of WWF in the 1990’s.

Now some news from Cultaholic

Goldberg says he has no plans to lose to Roman in Saudi

What Cultaholic has declined to make clear in the title is that Goldberg said this is kayfabe of course. Not especially newsworthy is it? Oooo, pro wrestler says they plan to win a wrestling match whilst in character. Front page news right there!

Ace Steel backstage at AEW

Second City Saints reunion maybe?

Today’s match sees Shelton Benjamin Vs Shawn Michaels

Have a gooden everyone!