Rumble in the Thunderdome

Hey Scott. Here’s one I don’t think anyone has brought up yet. This year’s rumble match was so boring and almost every decision made seemed to be the wrong one. Whether that’s ALL on Shane who knows but it got me thinking. Last years Rumble was dare I say fun in comparison? The surprises were at least surprising (Hurricane, Carlito, Kane and biggest one Christian) and made for some fun moments (Team Hell No and E & C reunion) or at least were harmless. The overall story was one they’ve told before but it was still a story (Edge going coast to coast to win) and there was no one I would consider completely useless. This year had BAD BUNNY and Shane as surprises, Knoxville as a wasted celebrity appearance that didn’t even do anything memorable, and a Lesnar win we all saw coming. My question is did you ever think we’d live in a world where a rumble in a real dome in St Louis with real fans would make us miss a rumble in front of no fans in the thunder dome? 

Nothing would ever make me miss the Thunderdome.  That was a miserable run of shows and overstayed it’s usefulness by a good three months.