Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 10th February 2022

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Sadly Kamala didn’t get the job done for me in LT’s Fire Pro Tournament but I appreciated his efforts none-the-less.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott and Thomas have AEW Dynamite reviewed. Still time to read Dream Matches and Logan’s WWF from 1990 from yesterday, as well as my review of the opening matches from WrestleMania XI to XV

Now some news from Cultaholic

Joey Janela unsure of his AEW future

On the bright side for him he does at least have things like GCW to fall back on if AEW doesn’t work out for him

Ultimo Dragon to wrestle in AAA

Lucha fans can feel free to correct me, but wasn’t Dragon usually a CMLL guy back in the day as opposed to AAA?

Today’s match sees The Acclaimed in action

Have a gooden everyone!