WWF Action Zone – November 5th, 1995



November 5, 1995

Your hosts are Todd Pettengill and Dok Hendrix

This week, we will have two new matches announced for the Survivor Series PPV. Plus, a special look at WWF Superstar entrances and more!


We get a brief clip of King Kong Bundy from his appearance on “Married………With Children”


Bret Hart defeats Psycho Sid from the 11/4 edition of “WWF Superstars.”


Tomorrow night on RAW we will see Bret team with Hakushi against Isaac Yankem & Jerry “The King” Lawler. Dok questions Bret’s judgment for teaming with a guy he was feuding with and how they do not speak the same language and will struggle to communicate.


We see a clip of an unnamed woman walking (Aja Kong) with facepaint on her face as Dok asks what would you do if you saw her walk in a dark alley.


Video package preview for RAW as besides the aforementioned tag match we will also see British Bulldog vs. Marty Jannetty.


The hosts briefly talk about Razor Ramon’s entrance before we see the end of the Battle Royal from RAW two weeks ago that saw Owen Hart defeat Jannetty for the right to face Razor for the Intercontinental Title. We also saw Bulldog run out and attack Jannetty during the match, which is why those two are facing off this Monday night.


The last few minutes of Razor vs. Owen from last week’s RAW are shown. The end saw Yokozuna attack Razor until Ahmed Johnson makes his debut and ends up slamming Yokozuna. Back to the hosts as Dok is shown jumping up and down about how awesome Ahmed’s slam was. Pettengill then shows up a clip from after RAW went off of the air, shown exclusively on “Mania,” where Bulldog looked at Ahmed before ducking out of the ring.


Hosts now go over the Wildcard match at Survivor Series, where Ahmed & Bulldog are on the same team. The hosts put over how infighting between the teams could impact the match.


We see Razor Ramon and 1-2-3 Kid playing Karate Fighters. Razor uses Skull Crusher and Kid picks Thunderfoot. Kid ends up winning with the spinning back kick. Afterwards, Kid says maybe Razor will give him repsect but Razor wants one more match as Pettengill’s Howard Cosell impression narrates the segment.


The end of the Smoking Gunns vs. Razor Ramon & 1-2-3 Kid Tag Team Title match from “In Your House” is shown. Kid attacked the Gunns from behind after the match then we saw his apology on RAW the following night and how he asked for a rematch, which will take place next week on “Superstars.”


The question is “What WWF Superstar Debuted at the 1990 Survivor Series?” And the answer is The Undertaker as we see a clip from that show where Brother Love walks him to the ring.


Now, its time for a Siskel & Ebert with the Hosts titled “Toddskel & Dokbert.” Instead of critiquing movies they do it to Goldust’s entrance. This segment was inoffensive but long and not too good. They also showed the bad interview from “Superstars” with Goldust getting interrupted by Bam Bam Bigelow.


The Bill Clinton impersonator tells us how excited he is for the Survivor Series.


Survivor Series Report is next. Its in two weeks. The hosts put over Undertaker’s awesome entrance and how he will make his return on the show to get revenge on King Mabel. A video from Mabel with Sir Mo airs as he says Undertaker will “rest in pieces.” We also learn of another match that will take place at Survivor Series where “The Underdogs” consisting of Barry Horowitz, Hakushi, Avatar, and Marty Jannetty will face The Bodydonnas of Skip, Rad Radford, Jean Pierre-Lafitte, and Dr. Tom Prichard. This match was first announced as taking place on “Mania.” And well, lets see if everyone announced for this match ends up being on the PPV. Dok says the Ross Report later on will go over the other match announced for the show plus tell us about the “mind boggling” stipulations of the Bret Hart vs. Diesel World Title match.


Ross Report with Jim Ross. He goes over the history between Bret and Diesel dating back to their first match from the 1994 King of the Ring PPV then their strengths and weaknesses. He even namedrops Dory Funk Jr. when going over Bret’s technique. Well, back in this era, if a name was mentioned it was quite likely they would be soon appearing. And this will be a No Disqualifcation Match at the Survivor Series. In the newsletters, it was reported that the match would originally take place inside of a steel cage but officials felt that stipulation would limit Diesel.

Then, we learn of a Women’s elimination match at the Survivor Series. Alundra Blayze will team with Kyoko Inoue, Sakie Hasegawa, and Chaparita Asari against Bertha Faye, Aja Kong, Lioness Asuka, and Tomoko Watanabe. Ross notes that Aja Kong is over 230 lbs and one of the most feared Japanese competitors as we see clips of her destroying her opponents and highlighting her spinning back fist finisher and kickboxing skills. We also get a brief look at Inoue and her Niagara Driver finisher. Ross says that this match could be the show stealer at Survivor Series. Ross also plugs an interview with Shawn Michaels on the Superstar Line. I did like how they introduced the Women’s match and really shined a focus on Aja Kong. And since Bertha Faye has been the only challenger for Alundra since Bull Nakano left its time to freshen things up.


We get a list of dates for the World Tour de Force house shows.


Back to the studio where the hosts shill the madcaps, which are placed all over the table. They come with two prizm slammers


The “Can We Talk About” segment is next where the Superstars asked about who has the greatest entrance in the WWF. Predictably, most of them like their own the most. Hakushi likes Barry Horowitz’s the best. Owen Hart actually goes with Goldust. Sunny says besides herself it’s Shawn Michaels. Oh boy. A few of the midcard faces go with either Undertaker or Shawn Michaels as to put over the stars. Dok goes with Diesel’s as his favorite as Pettengill’s favorite is Shawn Michaels.


Next week, we will see the Tag Team Title match from “Superstars” plus a special feature on Roddy Piper.


Final Thoughts: Lots and lots of talking on this show. If the campy segments are your thing then this was the show for you. I’ll give the hosts credit for having chemistry and even though the stuff is corny its mostly inoffensive and fine for a weekend recap show. We saw just one match mixed in with a lot of clips plus the announcement of the Women’s Survivor Series rules match, the first since the inaugural Survivor Series back in 1987. And the biggest news of all which is the No DQ stip for the World Title match. But really, as you see here, there is not any hot storyline or even key feuds that people want to see at this point.