Wrestlecrap to Wrestlecap…ital

Hey Scott,

Was listening to the Bruce Prichard podcast where they did the Lex Express. Bruce was ADAMANT that LE would have worked with another wrestler, claiming Lex was  too lazy and didn't try to make the gimmick work. He then references Savage (which, honestly, would have been awesome) as someone who would've embraced the gimmick and taken it to its full potential.

1. You think there's something to this? Yoko was a great foreign heel and there doesn't really seem to be a good reason why a dude in a sweet USA Bus wouldn't be the King of the World.  Maybe the problem with the Lex Express really was Lex.

2. Is there a wrestlecrap gimmick that you think should've been awesome but suffered from casting? 

Oh there’s the Luger question I was waiting for after last nights run of emails.  
Lex was definitely a big part of the problem.  I don’t know if Crush would have worked either but he would have at least not seemed bored while doing it.  Savage would also have been awesome in that role and you know he’s a guy who is happy to shake hands and mentor kids all over the country. 
As for the second part, yeah, lots of them.  Glacier chiefly among them so we’ll start with him.