Making Stars

A big diss on the WWE the last decade has been their inability to make huge mainstream stars that have crossover appeal. I could understand criticism on the men's side, although after many years i would say Roman is finally there. But why is it that critics overlook the 4 horsewomen? Maybe not Bayely but I would argue Becky, Sasha, and Charlotte are huge crossover mega stars who at different times have carried WWE , especially the last 5 years when WWE has never been more profitable. They are probably the biggest stars of any company the last decade not name Cena, Brock, Punk, Okada, or Roman. I feel like they are greatly underappreciated when we talk about recent stars. 

Becky is the face of WWE with Roman, not just of the women but of all the WWE superstars. When Rock and Stone Cold have come back in the past that's who they want to be in the ring with. She has been on TV shows, media, she does it all. Sasha Banks was in Mandalorian because Jon Favreau wanted to put her in it to add some star power, she didn't even have to audition. She was also recently the main star of the opening of the college football championship, what reason would they do that besides they value her huge star power and appeal? Charlotte has done tons of stuff too and I sure we will see her start popping up even more outside of WWE. Why do people discredit how big those 3 are when they say WWE hasn't created a megastar since Cena?

Because they’re objectively not big stars outside of WWE?