Daniel-san and Jonny

They pretty much have to go full-on, reverse Cobra Kai with the Moxley/Danielson thing, don't they? They come together to train the next generation, recruiting underused and disenfranchised talent from AEW and Young Lions from Japan, and get them ready for
the future. We get wacky vignettes where we see their differing training methods (set to awesome 80s montage music), and eventually (after a thematically appropriate pilgrimage to Japan), there's a dramatic split based on their opposing philosophies on wrestling,
where some of the students stick with Moxley and some stick with Danielson. Full-scale war ensues.

That would legitimately be so awesome that I think it would break the internet.  We would also need vignettes of Jon Moxley trying to write a Facebook profile.  I'm assuming Minoru Suzuki plays the role of Chozun in this storyline?  LET'S DO IT.  MAKE IT HAPPEN.