Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 8th February 2022

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

LT’s Fire Pro tournament was good fun yesterday. I think there’s more coming later on today, so make sure you keep an eye out for it. I’ve for some reason sponsored Kamala as my entrant, but I’m hoping the big guy pulls it out for me. Sadly I’m out this evening so I’m going to miss the matches but please do let me know how Kamala gets on.

Go Kamala!

Schedule today on the Blog: Thomas has got the Raw report for us. Scott has reviewed AEW again for us. Brian Bayless has some WWF from 1995

Now some news from Cultaholic

Jeff Cobb out with a pulled muscle

New Japan have had very little luck recently

Women’s Chamber match in Saudi

I was all set for a snarky comment about this, but I’ll just give WWE credit on this one to be honest. They’ve gone from having no women’s matches on these Saudi shows to having two of the featured bouts having women in them. I didn’t think they’d manage to sweet talk the Saudi’s into letting this happen so fair play to them

Today’s match is Suge D Vs Ricky Shane Page

Have a gooden everyone!