Savage post WM5

So I got the terrible peacock app in the background throughout the weekend and ended up picking through between WM5 and RR92, and there's something I keep wondering back on that maybe you can shed some light on.  Between the Megapowers blowoff and the awesome Jake Roberts feud, and with the exception of the WM Warrior match, why the hell was the brilliant worker that is Randy Savage regulated to ppvs roles that weren't going to produce an amazing match you know he's capable of with a wide array of workers? In context, and please let me know of any injury gaps:

89 Summerslam: Help elevate Zeus, make sure the tag-match isn't a trainwreck

90 RR: Ok he def. was part of the hot 1st half of the rumble.

WM6: Mixed-tag match where him and Sherri gotta sell for Dusty & Sapphire 

90 Summerslam: I'm sure Savage could have pulled a wild brawl out of Dusty but instead we get loaded purse to the head in 2 mins

90 Survivor series: Just an interview. 

91 RR: Interferes in the world title match, presumably warrior chases him out of the building and we don't even get a rumble appearence. 

WM7: Awesome Savage mania match we always want

Summerslam 91: Wedding only, no match

Survivor Series 91: taken out of match due to snake bitten, only to return 2 days later at…

Tuesday in texas: defeats Jake clean in a short match that was a tad dissapointing given the feud, only for the feud to continue on and finish sometime between RR & WM8.

Thats 2 years, post world champion, that for the most part I didn't get the show-stealing Savage i love.  Any insights?  

Stay safe my friend. 

Vince didn’t have confidence in him as a top guy after the title reign.  Which is crazy when you think about it because he did numbers that Warrior would have killed for and drew a giant buy rate against Hogan, but he wasn’t Hulk and I guess Vince held it against him.  Now by 92 it was justified because his title reign was a giant flop, but ironically there Vince suddenly had too much confidence in Savage because Hulk and Warrior were gone and he was desperate for star power.