Wardlow on WWE

Hello Scott

I listened to a Wardlow interview and he said he did a tryout with WWE. I think I read about it before, but thought it was not posible. They really could have him and decided not to? How is that even posible? Is there a bigger bed shitting than that? Even releasing
Malakai or not getting Hobbs is not a biggie compared to that. Also he said he excelled at it, so it's not a Tay Conti situation in wjich he was crappy at the time.

What do you think his name would be if they would had hire him?

According to the trusty Gimmick Generator, his name would be Tenzin Brisbois, a judgmental, rude and ambitious security guard.  His catchphrase would be “I want to be there when you get what's coming to you!”  

That's not bad, actually.