Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 5th February 2022

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Writing this Friday night as I’ve got yet another early morning tomorrow. Oh to have the joy of sleeping in once in a while. Congratulations to Middlesbrough, who managed to eliminate Man United in the FA Cup. Commiserations to the young lad who missed the deciding penalty though, that sort of stuff thing is never nice.

Schedule today on the Blog: I’m sure Scott and Thomas will have Rampage reviewed. Thomas will also have Smackdown for us. Dave Newman should have some more classic WCW scheduled. I look at a WCW show from 2001, which means it might have an interesting mix of good and bad

Now some news from Cultaholic

Shane McMahon wanted to make the Royal Rumble all about him

A McMahon? Wanting to make something all about them? Surely not?!?!

Serena Deeb things younger wrestlers are entitled

Rumours that she regularly yells at Skye Blue and Red Velvet to get off her lawn are currently unsubstantiated

Today’s match is Too Cold Scorpio taking on Sabu from ECW in 1994

Have a gooden everyone!