Friday Night Get-Down: February 4, 2022

TONIGHT!  Lemme see… the SmackDown preview is basically “Ronda Rousey’s announcement”.  Your idea of getting me to watch is to promise to give Ronda Rousey a microphone?  Ugh.

But, on Rampage we have both the TNT title and the FTW title on the line, so there’s a light at the end of our tunnel!

With both the NFL and NHL on All-Star Weekend, sports is a little light, but if you get beIN, I would totally recommend the African Cup of Nations final on Sunday.  Egypt and Senegal have played different styles (Egypt more defense, Senegal more offense), but Egypt may have the best goalscorer on the planet right now in Mohammed Salah.  It’ll be a great finish.

Or, heck, if you need good wrestling — Beyond has a show tonight, and GCW is on tomorrow!  There’s something for everyone!

Andy PG Chess Update: I’ve been on a bit of a winning streak, but 700 seems to be a plateau for me so far in ELO.  Well, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

But first: THE PRESIDENT HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED BY NINJAS!  ARE YOU A BAD ENOUGH DUDE TO RESCUE THE PRESIDENT?  I give you Game Grumps playing the single most 1980s arcade game of all time!

All right, folks, we’ve been over the rules.  I want you to obey the mods’ instructions at all times.  I expect a good, clean thread.  Now — touch gloves, go to your keyboards, and come out posting!