Blog of DOOM Daily Update – 4th February 2022

Happy Friday Everyone!

Writing this Thursday night as I’m not sure if I’ll have time in the morning, so if I miss out any relevant news items then that’s why. I didn’t really do much last night outside of watch some classic Pro Wrestling NOAH. It was good; NOAH was the bomb back in the day. I’m glad they’ve righted the ship somewhat these days (pun mildly intended)

Scheduled today on the Blog: Andy has the indie thread. J.W. has another Flashback Friday for us on a classic wrestling mag. J has Joshi Spotlight for us. Logan has some more WWF from 1990. Thomas has SummerSlam 2007

News from Cultaholic

Gresham to defend ROH Title in PROGRESS

That show in Manchester looks pretty good actually but I’m trying to save money at the moment due to the ridiculous rises in cost of living in the UK right now. PROGRESS is usually fun live though.

Sami Zayn would like to do Bret’s gimmick from 1997

Shame they recently cut Harry Boy Smith seeing as he would be PERFECT as muscle for that gimmick

Today’s match is DOOM taking on The Steiners in a cracking match at Capital Combat

Have a gooden everyone!