Is Shane the worst?

Vince and Steph belittle and emasculate their talent on air, but when it comes time to job to actual wrestlers they will do so, however rarely.

De-facto McMahon Triple H was pretty awful in his “prime” (Reign of Terror 2003), but he was still a top guy. When he was an authority figure, he would lose in the end.

Shane McMahon has gone toe-to-toe with Kane, Undertaker, Randy Orton, Keven Owens, AJ Styles, and conceivably wanted to do the same with Brock as well. Sure he loses, but always after a competitive match.

So when it comes to using the family company to put himself over talent, is Shane the worst?

Come on man!  Shane apparently said he was willing to put Brock over!  He’s the real hero.