Hangman DOA?

Hey Scott,

Is Hangman's title reign dying a slow, painful death?  The last couple of weeks he's come out to, umm….. less than ideal reactions.  And the Lance Archer feud is going over like Hornswaggle v. Max Mini.   I love that he won the title, but the matches against Bryan Danielson seem to  have been more about Bryan than him. 

Hopefully, he can get a opponent with some more juice like Punk or Adam Cole.  Someone a little more over to re-ignite his title reign. Otherwise, AEW might have to get the strap off of him faster than Rocky Maivia's Intercontinental belt. 


Novi, MI
Let’s not go crazy here.  That being said, we’re a month away from the PPV and there’s still no solid direction for the title match yet.   It’s a bit concerning.