Can you remember a time where there was a bigger disconnect between IWC and the WWE than there is now? So many of the hardcore wrestling fans just trash everything the WWE does whether it's good or bad, but once you get out of that echo chamber for the most part WWE is crushing it right now. Do they make questionable creative choices, all the time. But so does AEW and every other promotion, as well as any TV show and movie universe out there. Using this blog as an example, how many times do you see someone post I stopped watching years ago, but let me tell you everything wrong with WWE right now. You would even rather review an AEW YouTube show over Smackdown, which is by far the number one wrestling show on TV. You will sit thru the pain of NXT for the traffic but not Smackdown? Is it more fun because you know everyone will enjoy crapping on NXT? I get this blog is for your enjoyment so in no way am I trying to diss you, as I don't think anything great comes from hate watching either.

Dirtsheet writers are also constantly trying to report negative stories like chaos backstage and then it comes up most of what was reported isn't true. Take the whole report yesterday that Riddle was gonna win rumble, than Orton, than Brock last min. Now it's being reported they made the decision weeks ago it was Brock and other reports were bogus. Or the reports of how unhappy the wrestlers are but meanwhile KO, AJ, and Sami didn't think twice about re-signing and said as much. Sami completely shot down reports of the so called unhappiness in the back as well. What do people think they will get from the demise of WWE? They open up the doors for everyone else to make more money. Don't you think AEW will be using the crazy numbers thrown at WWE to help their case when it's time go renegotiate? Has WWE been cold the way they fire people, 100% but almost every corporation does the same thing. Look at the recent issues between Kelloggs and their workers, people didn't stop eating their products because of it. First it was release everyone your not using, now it's how dare they let go of all these unused wrestlers. 

But god forbid you write a negative recap of an AEW show, they came out with the pitchforks for poor Tommy last week. I understand AEW and TK has more goodwill right now, but how much of that is from just blind loyalty vs what they have actually done to deserve it?

I did Smackdown for a while.  Nobody read it.