Riddle was supposed to win the Rumble

“The original plan for the Men's Rumble winner was Riddle, PWInsider.com has learned. Plans were changed over the course of the week a ton of times with the final decision to have Brock Lesnar enter and win as a surprise.  At one point, there was a pitch for Randy Orton to win as well, but Riddle was the frontrunner until the switch to Brock was made.”

To follow up on your post about it changing 20 times in the last week – they had 3 potential winners, and picked by far the lamest option. 

I am actually shocked that Riddle was discussed in that spot, but it makes sense after watching the show since he got such a good pop when he entered. And it wouldve been a nice counter to the “WWE can't make new stars” narrative.

Anyway, here's to more Brock Lesnar! 

I think Riddle accidentally screwing Orton out of his third Rumble win could have led to a fun story.   But as noted, more Brock.  Could be worse I guess, since Meltzer was hinting this morning that Shane wants to be in a Wrestlemania match with Seth for the title.