Blog of DOOM Daily Update – 1st February 2022

Happy February Everyone!

Holy moly was that some NFL at the weekend eh? I’ve decided to book the Monday after the Superb Owl off work so I’ll be staying up to watch it. I’m definitely Team Bengals, but if the Rams win it will hardly ruin my day either. Just give me a darn good game of football!

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas has got Raw us. Scott has got Elevation for us later on. Still time to read Joshi Spotlight and What The World Was Watching from yesterday. Thomas has also reviewed some more WWE from 2007

News from Cultaholic

Riho has a broken collarbone

Wishing her a speedy recovery

Briscoe’s first inductees to ROH Hall of Fame

An induction that makes sense both in kayfabe and real life when you consider their longevity, match quality and Titles won

Ronda Vs Charlotte at Mania?

Have a gooden everyone!