Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

I hope everyone had a good weekend. If you are a fan of the Cincinnati Bengals or the Los Angeles Rams you probably had a great weekend.

I caught the Rumble on a replay since I went to a hockey game Saturday night. I thought the singles matches were all pretty good. The men’s Rumble was just boring. It went from “who’s going to win this thing” until Brock entered at 30th and it became very obvious. No drama, no great run by anyone. Just nothing of note. The women’s Rumble wasn’t great, but it was better. As silly as the Naomi-Sonya program has been it was one of the few real “heat segments” in the match until the big names got eliminated late. The nostalgia didn’t bother me and there was a legitimately sweet moment with Liv Morgan being surprised by Sarah Logan’s entry….which was of course ruined by the Bellas because…yeah. Anyway Ronda won, no other choices really. They need people that can sell tickets to a 80K stadium and those are the best bets.

RAW is live tonight. Ronda is going to speak and probably dump on the fans. They will figure out what to do with the WWE title since they already used Big E instead of saving him for a feel good moment at WM. Oh well.

AEW Elevators in the Dark is streaming. Scott will review it I’m sure.

No more real football until February 13, so there is a bunch of college basketball and NBA and NHL to keep you company until September.

Keep. It. Clean.