Blog of DOOM Daily Update – 31st January 2022

Happy Monday Everyone!

Got a rare day off work today and the sun is out, so I’m going to have a walk and then a pizza later, because why not?

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott has got some Mid-South later. J has got Joshi Spotlight, featuring possibly my all-time favourite Joshi wrestler Megumi Kudo (the wrestler who invented the Cop Killa/Vertebreaker). Logan has got some WWF from 1990

News from Cultaholic

Shane McMahon to be at WrestleMania

Good job they’re loading that show up with all the star power!

WWE wrestlers supposedly unhappy with how the Rumble was put together

They shared that in common with most of the viewership then I guess

OSW Review has Thunder from 1998

Have a gooden everyone!