Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 29th January 2022

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Tonight it’s the Royal Rumble. Don’t know who will win and not even sure I could tell you most of the card. I’ll probably watch some of it tomorrow if it’s getting some good buzz.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott and Thomas have Rampage reviewed. Later on today I review another reader request Stinker in the form of WrestleMania IX. Thomas has also reviewed Smackdown. Maffew will have UWF Fury Hour at the stroke of midnight

Now some news from Cultaholic

More names mentioned for the Rumble

Still 5 to be announced for the men’s and 7 more needed for the women’s at current count

Sasha Banks will be in the Rumble

Honestly if Bayley is healthy then I’d have her and Sasha as the Final two. One of them wins the Rumble, the other wins the Elimination Chamber and then you do Becky/Bayley and Charlotte/Sasha at Mania, with Bayley and Sasha winning before celebrating together to close the show so that we can actually have a feel-good closing Mania moment after the misery of the two main babyfaces on Smackdown getting stacked last year by Roman

Ronda Rousey coming back to WWE?

I’d throw a curveball here and have Bianca throw Rousey out if she’s in, leading to Ronda coming back in and costing Bianca. You then have Ronda/Bianca, Becky/Bayley and Charlotte/Bayley as three big matches to disperse amongst the two nights of Mania

Have a gooden everyone!