Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 28th January 2022

Happy Friday Everyone!

Goodness me is the Everton manager search an absolute circus or what?

I personally wanted Kovac to get it but it looks like we never really in for him so it’s come down to one of Rooney, Lampard or Pereira. Of those three I’d probably go for Lampard as I’d like Rooney to try and save Derby and Pereira looks like an absolute lunatic

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott is reviewing a tonne of Royal Rumble’s this weekend. J.W. has got another Friday Flashback for us. We’ve got another Joshi Spotlight from J. Logan has some more WWF from 1990. Rick has New Japan Strong for us. So it’s going to be a hefty weekend of content here on the Blog!

News from Cultaholic

Roman still has residual issues from The Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour

I’m still not entirely right after having it as well, even though I didn’t have bad symptoms when I had it. I know others have reported that they’ve got an odd issue or two from it. It can linger long after you’re supposedly virus free

Becky wants to wrestle Beth

That’s probably not going to work with Becky as a Heel and Beth as a Face to be honest. Heel bully Beth taking on fighting babyface Becky would have potential to be very good though

Mauro Ranallo reacts to wrestling

Have a gooden everyone!