Potentially sacrilegious question.

I went to Dynamite on Long Island, and one of the biggest reactions of the night was the announcement of Hook's debut the next week. Huge pop, not even for a match. Just an announcement. I don't have cable, so I don't actually watch the shows and I've never seen Being the Elite because it doesn't seem like my kinda thing. But I keep up with results, watch clips and know who's who, so I knew Hook was Taz's kid. I thought he was already wrestling, I didn't know he'd gotten himself over just eating chips or whatever.

I guess my question isn't even really about Hook, because everything he's doing seems to be working. No complaints here. But a total rookie suddenly becoming the new Chuck Norris got me wondering: real talk, if anything about him wasn't working (or stopped working) would people fairly criticize or are we all too far up our own asses with the memes and blind devotion?

We do fairly criticize him. In fact if anything I’ve judged his matches too harshly in the past and underestimated his level of talent.  I’ll try to do better by him in the future.