Hey Scott,
If AEW had Jim Ross do the first hour of Dynamite live every week and then was somehow able to use clips of JR's voice overs from video games over the years for the second hour, do you think it would be different in a good way or a bad way? Which hour would have the better commentary? 

Obviously, JR is a legend and it's good for him that he's still working, but even on the nights when he's okay during the first two or three segments, he's almost depressing for the last hour and 15 minutes. I can usually get past his repetitiveness and chalk the mistakes up to his age (although Excalibur is starting to sound exasperated when cleaning up JR's messes and repairing the holes JR unknowingly pokes in stories). But I just don't believe him when he's trying to sell that he's excited for what he's seeing and Taz is SO much better with this product.

I think they absolutely should just transition him into a backstage interview role.  But the man has earned the right to decide what he wants to do with his career and he clearly wants to continue doing commentary.  He’s a big boy and if he feels like he’s hurting the product, I’m sure he’ll step down.