Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 27th January 2022

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Only seen the first half an hour or so of Dynamite as of writing this. Ward-911-low continues to be an awesome gimmick. Having a big dude wreck fools with a signature move usually tends to get over. The good thing about Wardlow is that he’s a much more well-rounded worker than 911 was as well, meaning that when it’s time for him to move on from the Powerbomb Symphony into doing proper matches he’ll be able to make the transition whilst 911 was always limited to his one particular role and could never really move up the card because of his lack of wrestling ability

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas and Scott have Dynamite covered. Still time to read Dream Matches, What The World Was Watching and Every WrestleMania Opening Match from yesterday if you fancy scrolling down the main page a bit

News from Cultaholic

IMPACT tapings affected by The Backstreet Boyz reunion tour

I’m guessing one of those affected wasn’t Mickie James or we would have found out by now what with the Rumble on Saturday?

Oddessy Jones recently had surgery

Wishing him a speedy recovery

WOL talks about NXT 2.0

Have a gooden everyone!