AEW crowds from 2019 to 2022

I went to both DC shows last week, after having gone to the 1st Dynamite way back when. I was legitimately blown away by how different the crowds were, to the point I had to write about it:

I know the focus is on today's numbers like ratings, tickets, etc, but it really felt different being in the arena, like something special was happening. The closest analogy for me is when I went to Raw in June 1997 (it was actually the show where Bret & Shawn fought backstage) and the crowd was so hot all night. Even though it got destroyed in the ratings by Nitro, you could tell WWF had found something. 

My question for you – do you think AEW can keep up the momentum? I havent seen any indications yet they can't, but no one has climbed the WWE mountain in 20+ years for a reason. 

They’ve been losing a bit of momentum lately but I think the Punk-MJF next week is gonna be HUGE.