What the World Was Watching: WWF Wrestling Challenge – October 21, 1990

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan call the action, wrapping up the taping cycle in Flint, Michigan.

Opening Contest:  Jimmy Snuka (15-2) pins Black Bart after the Superfly Splash at 3:07:

Snuka defeated Bart on Superstars on April 14 and he does so again here, reminding WWF fans that he still exists with another squash win.  This marks Snuka’s tenth straight victory but the WWF is not doing anything with him.

Lord Alfred Hayes’ Special Report segment recaps the “Sister Love” bit from Superstars last week.

The Orient Express’ squash from Prime Time Wrestling is shown.

Highlights of the Dusty Rhodes-Randy Savage match from last week’s Saturday Night’s Main Event air.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan (28-1-1) pins Gary Winters after the three-point stance clothesline at 1:40:

Duggan is most likely the next opponent for Sergeant Slaughter, foreshadowing that is provided by an insert promo where he gives encouragement to the men and women in America’s armed forces.  He goes through his usual formula, knocking off Winters for a twenty-third straight victory.

The Hart Foundation’s squash on Prime Time Wrestling airs.

Gene Okerlund does the Survivor Series Report.

Rick Rude’s squash from Prime Time Wrestling is shown.

The Last Word:  There was little original action, with most matches and segments replayed from Prime Time Wrestling or Superstars.  With C-level house shows being phased out by the WWF, one can expect that there will be even less original content airing on Wrestling Challenge in the future.

Here is what was taking place on the WWF’s house show loops in mid-October.  Results are courtesy of thehistoryofwwe.com:

New York City, New York – Madison Square Garden – October 19, 1990 (9,000):  Shane Douglas pinned the Brooklyn Brawler with a sunset flip at 10:19…The Warlord beat Koko B. Ware after a stun gun at 8:07…Mr. Perfect wrestled Intercontinental Champion the Texas Tornado to a double count out at 8:50.  After the match, Perfect complained about the officiating and demanded a rematch but the request was not granted…Mike Sharpe pinned S.D. Jones after hitting him with a loaded forearm at 10:56…Ted DiBiase defeated Dusty Rhodes via disqualification when Rhodes hit DiBiase with the timekeeper’s bell that Virgil brought into the ring at 8:46.  After the match, DiBiase knocked Rhodes out with the bell…The British Bulldog pinned Haku after a running powerslam at 19:34…Tugboat defeated Dino Bravo via disqualification after Bravo kept preventing Tugboat from re-entering the ring at 8:28…WWF Tag Team Champions the Hart Foundation beat Rhythm & Blues when Bret pinned Honky after heel miscommunication at 6:10.

Minneapolis, Minnesota – The Target Center – October 19, 1990 (4,900):  This was the first WWF card held at the venue.  Paul Diamond pinned Jim Powers after using the tights for leverage…Battle Kat pinned Pez Whatley (substituting for Boris Zhukov) with a flying body press…Saba Simba defeated Buddy Rose with an airplane spin and Lion’s Roar…The Bushwhackers (w/the Crusher) defeated Tanaka & Mr. Fuji (substituting for Akio Sato) when Butch pinned Fuji…Earthquake pinned Hacksaw Jim Duggan…Jimmy Snuka beat the Black Demon…The Ultimate Warrior & the Legion of Doom defeated Demolition.

Los Angeles, California – The Sports Arena – October 20, 1990 (9,500):  The Genius pinned Jim Brunzell…Dustin Rhodes beat Black Bart…Ronnie Garvin pinned Mike Sharpe…The Rockers beat Power & Glory via disqualification…Sergeant Slaughter defeated Nikolai Volkoff via submission…The Big Bossman pinned the Barbarian (substituting for Rick Rude)…Hulk Hogan & Tugboat defeated Earthquake & Dino Bravo.

Backstage News*:        Randy Savage is not happy about company plans to cut his brother, Lanny Poffo, who he had been able to save from previous talent cuts.

*The WWF is trying to quell unrest in the locker room by telling affected talent that the cut is temporary and that they will likely return when house shows are expanded against in six months.  Most of the talent affected will be used until Survivor Series.  Dave Meltzer cautions against reading the cuts as a sign that the WWF is in long-term fiscal jeopardy, but he notes that they do have $9 million invested in a new Titan Towers building.  The roster adjustment will help the company recoup that cost long-term.

*The WWF will still advertise Rick Rude on cards until they clear up his employment situation on television so they can transition the Big Bossman angle to Bobby Heenan.  The company thinks that Rude will not want to sit at home for a year and will eventually return.

*J.J. Dillion and Akio Sato recently went to Japan to negotiate with New Japan or SWS on a new Tokyo Dome show next year.  It is likely the show will be a joint WWF-SWS venture because New Japan is working on sending a team to WCW for its international tag team tournament at Starrcade.

*The WWF is not happy with the Texas Tornado’s performances on house shows against Mr. Perfect.  That could lead to Perfect getting the title back sooner than expected.

*Brutus Beefcake is planning on making a comeback next year and wants to use a mask to protect his face.  People have noted that Beefcake is growing his hair out and sporting a mustache to look exactly like his friend, Hulk Hogan.

*Not only was Bobby Heenan negotiating with WCW’s Jim Herd, which led to Heenan getting a raise, but Jake Roberts talked to Herd as well.  However, Herd rejected Roberts’ demand for $500,000 per year to make the jump.

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for October 29.

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