Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 26th January 2022

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I didn’t talk about the NFL at the weekend but I’m currently cheering on The Bengals. That being said, now The Patriots and Cowboys are out I don’t really mind who wins now. The Bengals have just been fun to watch whenever I’ve seen them so I’d like them to go all the way.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas and Scott have NXT 2.0 reviewed. I’ve got some more WrestleMania Opening Matches coming later. J has some more Dream Matches. Logan has some more WWF from 1990

News from Cultaholic

Update on Austin Creed’s injury

I hope he’s not being rushed back

Vince McMahon hates Sheamus’ old entrance theme

I can just see it now

“How the hell can you have too many limes pal?! Change him to a new music”

Today’s match is Misawa Vs Murakami

Have a gooden everyone!