Peak of WWE arrogance

Hi Scott,

Considering how everything has changed rapidly in pro wrestling in the past two years, especially the rise of AEW, HHH falling from grace, Nick Khan gaining power, and the start of a lot of it is due to WWE becoming incredibly stagnant at best in the past decade, what do you think is the peak of WWE's arrogance when they had total control over the market? The let's say “fingerpoke of doom” moment? (im aware of WWE's financials, but the market has changed a lot)

My pick is the 2015 Royal Rumble match and the booking of WM 32. 
I think it was the Daniel Bryan thing to be honest, where they were going to put Batista over at Wrestlemania despite the entire fanbase literally SCREAMING SOMEONE'S NAME at show after show and telling them exactly who they wanted to pay their money to see.  But the Roman deal is also a strong contender.