Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 25th January 2022

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

From reading reviews it sounds like GCW didn’t really make their big chance on pay per view count, with complaints ranging from poor production, to poor time management, to the product not being authentic enough due to the restrictions that came from running in the Hammerstein Ballroom.

It’s a shame that they had an opportunity to present their own version of Barely Legal and didn’t really stick the landing. I was on the fence about ordering it and decided I’d read reviews first, and once I had I decided to save my money and maybe wait for the next one.

I obviously don’t want companies like GCW to fail as there are a lot of wrestlers out there and WWE/AEW can only take so many of them, so having other viable companies to work for is a good thing. I hope GCW can bounce back from the disappointment of this show and this isn’t the last we hear of them on traditional pay per view.

Failure is just an opportunity for learning at the end of the day.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott has got AEW Elevation for us. Thomas has some more WWE from 2007. We find out who won the DOOMies!

News from Cultaholic

Seven more names added to the Royal Rumble

You know, it being in St. Louis and all has me thinking that Randy Orton might be in the mix when all is said and done. I could just see him getting to the final four or something before getting chucked out for HEAT whilst Vince belly laughs in Gorilla

WWE files trademarks for Uncensored and SuperBrawl

This actually winds me up a bit because they already have the “Extreme Rulz” brand name so they really don’t need to tie up Uncensored either. I just don’t like companies holding viable names like this hostage in such a manner. If they are actually going to use the names for “Premium Events” then fair enough, but I doubt it. The fact they just sit on the Starrcade name and never do anything with it other than an occasional house show for the Network is especially annoying. I just hate it when big corporations sit on trademarks and IP’s just for the sole purpose of not letting anyone else do anything with them (I’m looking at you Konami)

Today’s match is Rahne Victoria Vs Skye Blue

Have a gooden everyone!