Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 23rd January 2022

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Scott is going to be reviewing the GCW show tonight.

If you’re thinking of tuning in yourself then please consider helping out the Blog by clicking the link below and ordering through FITE.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Maffew has posted a new UWF Fury Hour. Scott has got some classic NXT for us. Dave has got some classic WCW from 1991. Thomas has reviewed some more WWE from 2007.

News from Cultaholic

Some NXT peeps might be in the Royal Rumble

Some of those names are interesting to be sure

AEW might be seeing some people leave soon

At least they honoured the length of the original contracts if they don’t renew them

Today’s match from YouTube is Jun Akiyama defending the GHC Heavyweight Title against Masao Inoue from April 2006

Have a gooden everyone!