All time best sell jobs

Tully selling the piece of chair to the head. Starcade ‘85.

Owen showing his “concern” for Bret. Survivor series ‘94.

Shawn’s sell of the near fall after the sweet chin music to pedigree combo. Wrestlemania 28.

Mark Henry’s false retirement.

Shawn after the marine attack. Raw ‘95

Dusty gets his eye spiked out.

Shawn fearing for his life at the potential of a returning Bret and later Hogan before revealing it was all a troll. Montreal ‘05

Any big one’s Im missing? Looking at my list, I think this Shawn guy really just got wrestling.

Shawn selling the Owenzuigiri.  

And yes, you definitely forgot a huge one, and it rhymes with RINGBELL TO THE THROAT.  Some fan you are.