AEW’s absurdly bouncy ring

Hey Scott,

One thing I've particularly noticed about AEW is how ridiculously bouncy their ring is. The canvas shouldn't be violently moving up and down when a 135-pounder merely walks across it. 

Worst of all, the bumps don't look impactful and, in fact, when I see how bouncy the ring is, I wonder if those bumps really hurt or not. It honestly looks like fun! That's not a thought AEW should want their fans to have as CM Punk gets powerbombed into

They should honestly adopt a slightly firmer ring like WWE's. I can also see Kenny Omega's point about how a bouncy ring would damage the knees and, overall, make it exhausting to just run the ropes.

What do you think?

I'm pretty sure that if the ring was an issue for the wrestlers, they'd bring it up with TK and fix it.