WALTER Wonderings

Heya Scott!

So apart from the Nazi Barista of it all, isn’t the weirdest thing about this WALTER situation that he actually let it happen?

I mean here is a guy who, for the longest time, was adamant about staying in Europe and actually managed to work within the WWE system while avoiding the Name Generator.

What changed for him?  Is Vince throwing enough money at the rapidly diminishing returns of NXT 2.0 that WALTER is like “Sure, why not?”  Has European wrestling taken a bigger hit during the pandemic?

It’s not the WWE being dumb that baffles me in this whole situation, is what I’m saying.

Please know your NXT reviews genuinely make me laugh on Wednesdays, so your pain is worth…. something?

I would have to think that money is the only motivating factor here for him.