Randy Savage Manager Hunt


I hope the temperatures have cracked -50 degrees.  If Miss Elizabeth had not been an option in 1985, what would have occurred had Randy Savage been placed with 1 of the 5 managers recruiting him?  If he goes with Bobby Heenan, does that impact the Paul Orndorff turn the next year?  Does Vince instead have a 'Vince Moment' and forms the Village People tag team of The Macho Man teaming with Brutus Beefcake, managed by Johnny Valiant?   He was still using pop music when Savage debuted.  Perhaps having each go bleach blonde. Savage vs the Original US Express and then The British Bulldogs in tag team matches/captain's matches may have been amazing in spite of Vince.

I think the real answer is that he would have been put with Jimmy Hart or just worked as a solo act.