Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 22nd January 2022

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Writing this Friday night as I’m up early on Saturday. Got a Stone House pub breakfast to look forward to bay-bay!

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott and Thomas will have the Rampage reviews covered I’m sure. I’ve got ECW Guilty As Charged 99 reviewed later, which I believe means I have now reviewed every original ECW pay per view. I’ll have to get the One Night Stand shows reviewed down the line at some point. Maffew has some more UWF Fury Hour for us which should be going up around midnight.

News from Cultaholic

Drew is determined to wrestle at Mania

I hope he doesn’t risk his health too much in order to make this happen

Cora Jade wants to be in the Royal Rumble

Well, they need people for it due to cutting so many people

Today’s match from YouTube is Giant Baba, Hayabusa and Kentaro Shiga Vs Jinsei Shinzaki, Jun Izumida and Giant Kimala from May 1998 as All Japan runs a show at the Tokyo Dome

Have a gooden everyone!