OK, finally finished the fourth season of Cobra Kai this morning.  LET’S BEGIN.

Massive spoilers ahead of course if you haven’t watched it yet…

So I definitely liked this one more than the third season, if only because adding the amazing Terry Silver really gave the show that irredeemable psycho it was needing.  By the finale, when he’s literally BRIBING THE REFEREE, it’s clear that he’s the one person on the show with no silver lining.  It was quite the journey for him.  And I’m there for it.

Poor Robby, screwed again in the finals two years in a row.  He’s probably the best of the karate kids and he keeps doing the job.  But yay Eli!  Glad to see him get a proper redemption.  Sam can fuck off, she was the worst all season, topped only by Daniel’s other miserable offspring.  As a parent he makes a great sensei.  The bit with the My Cousin Vinny child psychologist where the LaRussos had it totally thrown in their faces was wonderfully cathartic, and led Daniel to actually PARENT his kid.  How about that?

In general, if all the kids weren’t a giant bundle of fluctuating hormones crashing off each other, there would probably be a lot less karate rumbles in the Valley.  Looking at you, SAM.

Also can someone just hug Miguel already and be a proper father figure to the poor kid?  That scene after the prom where he finally tells Johnny how he feels and Johnny says Robby’s name instead…OUCH.  That one was more painful than any tornado kick.  Speaking of which, smart money seems to be on Kreese revealing that he’s actually Johnny’s biological dad by next season to complete that whole arc.

I really like Kenny, but as usual with this show everyone is not just good or bad, and he’s moved from bullied to bully by the end of the season and it still all makes sense.

And finally, CHOZEN returns to help Daniel kick ass next season, hopefully with help from Johnny because it’s time for MIAGYI-FANG.  Although I’m still not entirely clear on the mechanisms of which dojo had to disband under which circumstances in the tournament.

So yeah, the build to the tournament gave this season a real focus that the third one felt like it was lacking by comparison, once again proving that TOURNAMENTS ARE AWESOME.  Also awesome, the Cobra Kai gear that Terry Silver bought for them.  I would wear the shit out of those shirts.

That’s what I got!  Have at it!