Women and NXT

The thinking behind NXT 2.0 is that HHH’s version didn’t produce the stars the main roster was interested in using. Ok, true enough if we’re talking about men. But what about the women?

Former NXT Champs Charlotte, Becky (not a champ, but still), Sasha, Bayley, Rhea, Asuka and Bianca are all pillars of the division. And then there’s Baszler, Carmella, Alexa Bliss, and Nikki Cross, who, with the exception of Baszler, didn’t exactly have standout NXT tenures, but who are all over the main roster now.

My question is: What happens to women’s wrestling under the charge of NXT 2.0? Does the main roster lean on all of the above talent as long as possible? Do they push the division back to the margins? Go back to having fitness models do joke and titillation segments? What’s your instinct here?

Judging by the fact that the top women in NXT literally have a gimmick where they pose as their big heat spot, I think they better get as much as they can out of Becky and Charlotte while they can.