Triggered 2.0

I don't think anyone gets quite as triggered by the dumbest stuff as internet wrestling fans do. This WALTER name change is just another thing for people to cry about for no reason. Walter is his real name, no way Vince was keeping that now that he has moved to states. How are people are still surprised by this stuff? GUNTHER isn't a great name, but was WALTER really any better? The casual audience that WWE relies on won't care one way or the other so him being “known” as WALTER previously means nothing. Once the tears started flowing Vince probably said “look, it's working exactly how I thought it would”. This is also the same company that turned Sgt Slaughter heel during the war with Iraq, you can't get any lower than that. And you are trying to tell me the guy who refused to move to the states for years wasn't gonna speak up if he wasn't ok with the name change? 

Everyone can also get off their moral high horse and stop with the “how dare they name someone from Austria the same name as former Nazi soldier”. It's freaking wrestling it's not that serious. WWE does dumb stuff like this all the time. No one who is butthurt about this knew before yesterday that Gunther Stark was the same name of a nazi soldier, including the WWE because they are too lazy to Google. And clearly once they found out they changed it cause he is only going as GUNTHER now. Plus Walter Hahn in real was already basically named after a Nazi soldier in the first place! 

I guarantee everyone who thinks Gunther is a stupid name has no problem rooting on a freaking half dino/half man tag team champion in AEW. So that means if you are keeping track you can't use a name that at one time was shared by a nazi, a penguin, and the coffee shop guy from Friends, but sex with a dinosaur is allowed?

Wow that one went to a weird place I wasn't expecting.