Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 19th January 2022

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Jon Moxley is apparently back on Dynamite. I am appropriately excited for it!

Good luck to Big Dunc as the interim Everton manager. Hopefully he can galvanise the squad and get some much needed results.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas and Scott have NXT 2.0 reviews. I’m starting a new series where I review Opening Matches from WrestleMania. J has got some Dream Matches for us. Logan has some more WWF from 1990. Please check Logan’s archives to vote in the DOOMies if you haven’t done so also!

Now some news from Cultaholic

Rock Vs Peyton Manning?

I hope AEW counter programs with Cody Rhodes Vs Tim Tebow…

Vince apparently sees Main Event potential in Austin Theory

Honestly? Fine. Just pick someone and stick a rocket on them WWE. He seems talented, might as well be him. Just pick someone who isn’t Roman, Drew, Lashley or a part-timer and PUSH THEM!

Bryan and Vinny chat about Giant Gonzalez

Have a gooden everyone!