Tuesday Night Pandemonium – 18th January 2022

Welcome, wrestling fans, to another edition of Tuesday Night Pandemonium, right here at Scott Keith’s Blog of Doom.  They are jam packed to the rafters; holy mackerel, what an exciting evening it’s gonna be!

On this day in 1971, history was indeed made as ‘The Living Legend’ Bruno Sammartino lost the coveted World Wide Wrestling Federation Title to ‘The Russian Bear’ Ivan Koloff.  You could literally hear a pin drop at the Mecca of all of professional sports, Madison Square Garden, as Bruno’s tremendous near-eight-year reign as champion came to a shocking conclusion.  Unfortunately, footage of this unbelievable happening is not available in 4k; Baconman will unquestionably be beside himself.

Talk about that and a whole lot more as we’re with you right through the night.