What the World Was Watching: WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event XXVIII

Vince McMahon and Roddy Piper do commentary for the show, which was taped from the Superstars cycle in Toledo, Ohio.  The show has an “Oktoberfest” theme.  Its television rating could not be found.

Demolition talk about all of the destruction they are going to unleash on the Ultimate Warrior and the Legion of Doom.

The Legion of Doom vow to send Demolition to the hospital after the six-man tag team match.  The Warrior screams “blitzkrieg” a lot when he comes into the segment.

Opening Contest:  The Ultimate Warrior & the Legion of Doom defeat Demolition (6-0) when the Warrior pins Smash after a splash at 5:38:

Dustin Rhodes is shown sitting in the front row before the match gets going.  There is a fan in the front row who is dressed like Hulk Hogan who hates the Warrior, standing up and shredding a picture of him when the Warrior comes into the match and beats on Ax.  The match is short and the babyfaces dominate, with Demolition only getting a token beatdown on the Warrior in the middle.  Rating:  *½

Gene Okerlund is enjoying an Oktoberfest party.  The Genius, Mr. Fuji, the Orient Express, Akeem, Slick, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, the Hart Foundation, and the Bushwhackers are enjoying themselves.  Lord Alfred Hayes is shown talking to a German brewer, arguing that England makes a better product.

Randy Savage (w/Sensational Sherri) (7-2) defeats Dusty Rhodes (17-1-1) via count out at 8:18 shown:

After the match between these two was cut criminally short at SummerSlam fans are treated to this return bout even though both men have moved onto new feuds.  Before the match, Rhodes high fives his son while Savage takes an Ultimate Warrior posted away from a fan and rips it apart.  Like SummerSlam, the match is more about angle development as Ted DiBiase and Virgil walk out and buy out all of the fans sitting in the front row facing the hard camera, the area where Dustin Rhodes is sitting.  When Dustin refuses to take the money, DiBiase and Virgil sit beside him.  When tempers flare, DiBiase clotheslines Dustin over the guardrail and he and Virgil blast the younger member of the Rhodes family with a chair.  The beating interrupts Dusty’s comeback and he goes to aid his son, only to have Savage come off the top with a double ax handle, preventing Dusty from beating the ten count into the ring.  This was a nice blend of angle and match.  Rating:  **

After the bell, DiBiase and Virgil continue their attack and leave Dusty and Dustin laying.

Sean Mooney interviews Hulk Hogan & Tugboat.  Tugboat says that he and Hogan wanted to face Earthquake and Dino Bravo, but it looks like they will have to go through Rhythm & Blues first.

Okerlund is with the Bushwhackers as they cut and eat cheese.

Hulk Hogan & Tugboat defeat Rhythm & Blues (w/Jimmy Hart) (24-0-1) via disqualification when the Honky Tonk Man hits Tugboat with a guitar at 7:16 shown:

The Blues put Tugboat in peril and Hogan has Valentine dead to rights after a hot tag, but Hart runs and gets Dino Bravo and Earthquake to provide a timely distraction.  WWF officials force them to the locker room and shortly after a commercial break the Honky Tonk Man is caught knocking Tugboat over the top rope with his guitar.  It was necessary to protect the Blues because they were the number one contender’s to the tag team titles and this was the best way to do it.  However, their offense in the middle of the match was putrid.  Rating:  *½

After the bell, Bravo and Earthquake come into the ring and Hart’s crew do a four-on-one attack on Hogan.  Before Earthquake can do an Earthquake Splash, though, Tugboat hits him with the unbreakable guitar and cleans house.

Okerlund talks with the Genius, who is a “master sausage stuffer” and the judge of a sausage stuffing contest that pits Hacksaw Jim Duggan & the Hart Foundation against Mr. Fuji & the Orient Express.  The Express and Fuji win when Fuji pulls out a premade sausage and claims to have stuffed it.

Intercontinental Championship Match:  The Texas Tornado (Champion) (9-0) defeats Haku (w/Bobby Heenan) (5-4-3) after the discus punch at 4:10:

This is a sloppy match where Haku works a long chinlock and has an awkward collision with the Tornado in the corner.  Suddenly, the Tornado pulls the claw out from nowhere and uses the discus punch to retain.  Rating:  ½*

Mooney talks with Hulk Hogan and Tugboat.  They make lots of boat and ocean puns to imply that they are ready for a war at sea with Jimmy Hart and his crew.

Sergeant Slaughter (w/General Adnan) (5-0) beats Koko B. Ware (12-2-1) via submission to a noogie at 5:18:

Surprisingly, Ware gets a lot of shine against Slaughter.  However, two errant blind charges – the last of which results in a Slaughter stun gun – set him up for a submission loss.  Rating:  *

After the match, Nikolai Volkoff pops up on the interview platform and waves the American flag as a counter to Slaughter and Adnan waving the Iraqi flag.

Jim Neidhart and Slick have a dance off at the Oktoberfest festival.  The inevitable food fight breaks out shortly thereafter.

Mooney talks with WWF Champion the Ultimate Warrior, who says he is happy to accept Randy Savage’s challenge for the WWF title.

Piper interviews Savage and Sensational Sherri, who say that it is inevitable that Savage will win the champion again.  Piper slaps Sherri on the rear end to finish the segment.

Lord Alfred Hayes, who has forgot to put in his earpiece all night, argues with Okerlund about the mess he walks into at the Oktoberfest festival.  In response, Okerlund throws a pie in his face.

The Last Word:  The in-ring action on the show was okay and the Oktoberfest sketches were fun, but the show exposed some major issues that the company is facing.  The Earthquake beatdown on Hulk Hogan seems like the same old tired angle that the company ran in the spring while WWF Champion the Ultimate Warrior appears to be slumming it in someone else’s feud rather than getting a title defense on a big national telecast.  The opener also shows how fast Demolition is falling down the card, becoming more of an afterthought each week since they reached their peak at WrestleMania VI.

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