ECW On Sci Fi – August 14, 2007

ECW on Sci Fi
Date: August 14, 2007
Location: Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, Connecticut
Attendance: 5,500
Commentators: Joey Styles, Tazz

Things have changed again as we now have a bit company wide angle. Vince McMahon has an illegitimate child who is a wrestler on one of the brands, meaning the ECW roster is in contention. That could open up some doors for some interesting options, but we also have an upcoming ECW World Title match between John Morrison and CM Punk. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of Vince McMahon finding out that his child is a wrestler and dreading the possibilities.

Jonathan Coachman is here to say he is still searching for the surprise McMahon. That means he is going to be busy, but he has a solution. Coach brings out the new ECW General Manager: Armando Estrada (Not to be confused with Armando Alejandro Estrada. I think they’re cousins.). After saying we can call him Commandante and hoping that McMahon made frequent trips to Cuba back in the day (if you know what he means), it is time for the contract signing for the ECW World Title match at Summerslam.

John Morrison and CM Punk come out, with Morrison saying that this is as close as Punk will ever get to the title. Morrison signs, while saying Punk couldn’t last fifteen minutes last week. Punk says that’s right, because he beat Morrison last week. They yell at each other, with Punk insulting Morrison’s clothes and signing. Estrada says he likes the fire because both of them will be in action tonight.

CM Punk vs. Big Daddy V

Matt Striker is here with V. Punk gets shoved down to start and V crushes him in the corner to make it worse. Back up and Punk hits a running knee in the corner, only to get caught with something like a powerbomb. A running charge knocks Punk off the apron and into the announcers’ table for the fast countout.

Rating: D+. Pretty lame reason for a countout to end a short match, but they didn’t have many other options to make this work. They didn’t want either of them to lose so the weak countout ending was as good as they could have done. Punk got in nothing here though and I’m not sure why they needed to do this in the first place.

Video on the Boogeyman.

Tommy Dreamer comes up to Armando Estrada in the back and says he wants the winner of the Summerslam title match. Estrada doesn’t seem to like that because Dreamer is lazy. Dreamer also has 60 seconds to make it to the ring for his match. We get a clock on the screen as Dreamer runs into various things and winds up limping into the ring. It’s about to get worse too.

Big Daddy V vs. Tommy Dreamer

V pounds away and hits a Samoan drop, followed by a splash and a big running elbow for the easy pin.

Miz, with Layla and Brooke, run into Kelly Kelly talking to Balls Mahoney. Miz laughs off the idea of Kelly and Balls getting together, with Kelly not being able to say much. Layla says they have to do something and the women all leave with Miz, as Mahoney is left sad.

Kevin Thorn vs. Stevie Richards

Thorn powers him into the corner to start but Richards fights out and hammers away. Some rights and lefts don’t have much effect though as Thorn tosses him into the corner. A knee to the back keeps Richards in trouble and we hit the chinlock. Back up and some clotheslines rock Richards again as this is mostly one sided so far. Richards fights back with some kicks and what would become known as the Codebreaker for two. That’s too much for Thorn, who hits a spinebuster for the pin.

Rating: C-. I’m not sure what the point was in having Richards win a few matches and then lose, as it doesn’t quite make Richards look good to go 2-1 against him with the last being a loss. At the same time, beating Richards in the thirst match doesn’t make it much better. Also, an underdog Richards sounds more interesting than Thorn at the moment, but WWE going with the guy who is already beyond his expiration date makes sense.

Post match Thorn beats on him even more and that’s a referee’s decision, meaning Richards wins again.

Coach talks to Elijah Burke about his parentage.

Summerslam rundown.

We look back at CM Punk beating John Morrison last week to earn the Summerslam title shot.

John Morrison vs. Boogeyman

Non-title. They lock up to start with Morrison being sent into the corner early on. Back up and Morrison’s springboard kick to the face misses but he Peles Boogeyman off the top. Some right hands give Morrison two and a sliding lariat is good for the same. The armbar goes on before Morrison kicks him in the ribs a few times. The corkscrew moonsault misses though but so does Boogeyman’s splash in the corner. Now the springboard kick to the face connects and Morrison hammers away….for the DQ.

Rating: C. Not too bad here, but that’s the second match in a row that resulted in the referee calling off a match because of violence. The match didn’t exactly make Morrison look great, but then again you don’t want Boogeyman in there for a long match in the first place. It also doesn’t help that Boogeyman was last seen getting squashed by Big Daddy V, but I doubt WWE remembers that one.

Post match Boogeyman hits the chokebomb but Morrison bails from the worming to end the show.

Overall Rating: C-. This was a weird show, as both CM Punk and John Morrison came off looking fairly weak here. That doesn’t exactly make me care about the upcoming title match but it isn’t like it means much in WWE either. There wasn’t much on the Vince side either, but at least Richards won again (eventually). Somehow, that is the story that has me the most interested, which doesn’t bode well for ECW’s immediate future.




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