Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 17th January 2022

Happy Monday Everyone!

Well Benitez had to go I think. No manager is surviving that abysmal run, especially with relegation looming and him seemingly having no idea how to fix it. Roberto Martinez is the exact opposite type of guy you want when you’re in a relegation scrap, so I fully expect him to be hired, because Everton.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Maffew has another UWF Fury Hour for us. Rock Star Gary has some more AWA. Dave Newman has some WWWF from 1965. Scott has got some more Prime Time Wrestling. The Doomies reach their top 5 stage. J has some Joshi Spotlight. Logan has some WWF from 1990

Now some news from Cultaholic

Mustafa Ali wants his release, may have argued with Vince McMahon

Could be an angle I suppose, but he’s hardly been treated great there. He’s one of the most natural babyfaces ever and they made him a Heel, because of course they did

Michael Bennett Vs Hiroshi Tanahashi from ROH

Have a gooden everyone!