The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 11.23.85

The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 11.23.85

Four episodes left in the Network’s run of this show.  I may have, um, sourced a copy of the famous Legends of Mid-South DVD set that’s impossible to find now, so that’s probably up next on the agenda once we wrap up 1985.

This is another one where about 8 minutes of the show are missing, by the way.

Taped from Shreveport, LA

Your hosts are Cowboy Bill Watts & Boyd Pierce

Meanwhile, at a house show, Eddie Gilbert and the Nightmare unseat Wendell Cooley & Al Perez and win the Mid-South tag team titles.  The writing was on the wall for Cooley & Perez anyway.

The Cowboy explains that the TV title tournament has been postponed for a couple of weeks since Ted Dibiase’s career is probably over after last week, and Dick Murdoch is suspended for 45 days because of ending Dibiase’s career.  So we go back to last week, as Murdoch tries to step on Dibiase’s title shot against Flair and then takes out his frustrations on Ted.  Man, watching the replay of Dibiase going into the ringpost is just SICK.  Dibiase gave zero fucks on that one.

Back at the studio, Bill Watts notes that they edited the clips to keep from being as gory as possible.  Oh, well now we know who wrote that press release that WWE put out this week.  We hear from Ted Dibiase, who reveals that his father Iron Mike Dibiase died in a similar fashion years ago, so perhaps this is something that runs in the family, and now he’ll have to accept that his career might be over.  Bill Watts notes that the whole thing reminds him of Joe Theissman, and then reminds us that he himself wrestled on the tribute show for Iron Mike Dibiase, because it’s all about the Cowboy.

Two weeks ago:  Butch Reed beats Ric Flair and then gets attacked by Dick Slater.  Bill Watts notes that they can’t prove collusion but the evidence is strong.  And in fact, Slater has been fined ANOTHER $5000 for his actions against Reed.  Are they trying to bankrupt the man?!

Buzz Sawyer & Dick Slater v. Mark Hawk & Bob Wayne

Quite the gear on Bob Wayne.  Slater and Buzz murderalize him and his goofy lightning bolts and drop elbows on him, but keep picking him up.  They give him the world’s worst Hart Attack variation, as Mad Dog looked like he was going for a stungun and then forgot what he was doing mid-move, so Slater comes in and clotheslines the guy down in half-assed manner before going to the middle rope and flopping down with a sort of elbow to finish at 3:00.  Cocaine is a hell of a drug.  0 for 1.

Jake Roberts v. Ricky Starr

Jake has his new hockey mask hanging on the ringpost again, and then Bill Watts goes on a rant against TITAN SPORTS and all the shitty wrestlers who work there, trying to imitate Jake’s DDT, which has led to kids at home trying the move and hurting themselves.  Maybe they should just sign Jake for themselves then!  And you thought the Forbidden Door opening was just a thing recently.  Starr gets some offense in the corner, but Jake gives him the short clothesline and finishes with the DDT at 2:30.  0 for 2.

Meanwhile, we join a brawl in progress between Jim Duggan and Buzz Sawyer, and Bill Watts is all about it.

Hacksaw Duggan & Butch Reed v. Dr. Death Steve Williams & Rob Ricksteiner

This new guy, Rob Ricksteiner, reminds me of Bron Breakker for some reason.  Reed is working in a neck brace and slugs Rob down right away, and Duggan comes in and runs him into the corner and then puts him down with a clothesline out of the corner.  Doc comes in to bail out this goofy Ricksteiner kid while Watts notes that Wendell Cooley has run away from Mid-South to avoid wearing the dance outfit that they were forced into by losing to Doc & Dibiase, but Al Perez is still around and will honor the stip.  That whole thing was just weird.  Reed finishes Ricksteiner with a shoulderblock at 3:09.  And for those wondering, yes, he was going by Rob Rechsteiner at that point and this was just a classic Mid-South bit of weirdness like “Rick Flair” or “Kerry Von Eric”.  I can say with 100% certainty that Bron Breakker is 1000 times better at this stage of his career than his dad was.  0 for 3.

Ricky Gibson v. Broadway Joe Malcolm

Watts credits Ricky for introducing him to the Rock N Roll Express and facilitating their big break in the sport, and again hypes up their upcoming tournament for the World Junior Heavyweight title, with an announcement coming in two weeks, just like the TV title tournament. I can’t even imagine what Bill Watts’ version of a Junior heavyweight title would look like.  Oh, and Bill stops to rant about FUCKING TITAN SPORTS again and all their SHOWBIZ bullshit while Ricky Gibson holds Joe on the mat with a toehold and the crowd is bored out of their minds.  REAL WRESTLING.  Joe fights back and Gibson puts him down again with a clothesline as the crowd boos Gibson and his 70s offense, and Gibson finishes with the leglock cradle at 4:00 that Darby Allin eventually started using last year.  0 for 4.

The Bruise Brothers v. Larry Clarke & Paul Brown

So after Bill goes on his rant about SHOWBIZ and TITAN SPORTS, he follows it up with a match featuring a couple of guys dressed like knockoff Blues Brothers and using “Soul Man” for their entrance music.  And then Bill is all “Oh man, these guys are so much fun!”  Sounds like SHOWBIZ to me, Bill.  Boyd beats on Clarke on the ropes while Watts notes that he sometimes needs an interpreter to understand what they’re talking about.  Oh Bill.  Boyd with the usual big splash at 1:55.  These guys have been featured on the show for like five weeks straight and they’re just AWFUL.  Bring back Brickhouse Brown or something, geez.  0 for 5.

Eddie Gilbert & Nightmare join us at the desk with their newly won tag team titles, as Bill Watts accuses Eddie Gilbert of lying about actually giving away the portrait and then we suddenly cut to Bill running down next week’s show and we’re out.  I presume Joel Watts had some kind of music video montage that was unable to be overdubbed?

Not a great followup to the amazing Dibiase angle from last week, but seeing Rick Steiner make his Mid-South debut was pretty cool.