Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 13th January 2022

Happy Friday Everyone!

I’ve had quite a stressful week, but I played Super Mario Bros. 3 yesterday and it calmed me somewhat. That Hammer Bro power-up is nowhere near as cool as I remember though, with the arc from the hammers being hard to judge. I will endeavour to keep it to the end for an easy Bowser kill though

Scheduled today on the Blog: Rick has the New Japan Strong review. Andy has the Indies thread. J.W. has Flashback Friday for us. Scott has more Superstars from 1994, as the show continues to drain him of his very life force. Logan has some WWF from 1990 for us

Cultaholic news update

Jimmy Jacobs reminisces about The Festival of Friendship

Great angle that was a great payoff to those guys as a team

Wardlow says he’s an AEW Lifer

That’s nice to hear, but it’s wrestling, so, you know. He could be a huge star in WWE if they booked him properly, ditto for MJF. Maybe both of them should wait for WWE to be sold and Vince to finally be removed before they chance their arms there though? AEW is a great place for them in the meantime

KENTA and Marufuji’s MOTYC from 2006 is today’s match. I ended up going with the DragonGate Do FIXER Vs Blood Generation match from Supercard of Honour, but this one was a very close second

Have a gooden everyone!