The Bad Guy

Lets try this again. So to follow up on the most gifted all around performer question last week, who would say was the top heel at their peak? My vote would be a toss up between Corporate/Hollywood Rock, Hollywood Hogan, or Mr. McMahon 

Also currently, while we know Nick Khan and Roman are the biggest heels in WWE, who would you say is the top heel in AEW? I would have to go WWE, as evidence by Bryan Danielson just mentioning the main event of mania making him heel. More evidence would be basically the whole thing carrying this lame Punk/MJF feud is them getting heat off WWE. Cody bashing the throne, Scorpio grabbing the brass ring, and AEW naming their war games match Blood and Guts based off a throwaway Vince line would be good examples as well. I mean clearly WWE is at least the biggest heel in Tony's life judging by the amount he spends talking about them, with Foxnews and Jaguars/Fulham fans tied for 2nd. 

And before you say it yes Tony Khan and AEW are clearly the biggest heels in my life. 

You were really working to get that email through, weren't you?  Hopefully it was worth it.  

And Mr. McMahon was clearly the biggest heel, because he was a heel as an onscreen character, plus also there was the metatextual element of the smart fans who knew what a supervillain he was in real life as well.