GAB 96

I was watching GAB 96, which you loved, and got to the football/horsemen match and it was fascinating/depressing where everyone is today.

Kevin Green:  Dead

Randy Savage:  Dead

Bobby Heenan:  Dead

Randy Anderson:  Dead

Woman:  Dead

Elizabeth:  Dead

Dusty:  Dead

Mongo:  In extremely bad health

Arn:  Nursing a sprained ankle from stumbling while walking from his recliner to the fridge.

Flair:  Calling his son-in-law for bail money after being arrested for exposing himself to a waitress at the Charlotte TGIFridays.  Again.

Schiavone:  Wearing pajama pants while interviewing Glenn Jacobs' gimmick stealing niece.

Debra:  Watching foxnews in a 9 bedroom house in alabama paid for with austin 316 t-shirt money.

Kevin Green's rattail:  Sitting in a box in the WWE warehouse, waiting for them to open a physical hall of fame.
Yup.  Really puts it into perspective.